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interior & exterior painting 

Interior Painting


To achieve the best possible results when painting any room in your home or office the preparation of the room and walls is the key. Walls should all be clean prior to the start of any painting project. It is also important to make sure the flaws are all corrected, holes filled, cracks fixed and the uneven areas sanded down. As long as you have decided on the room colors and mood you are trying to achieve, you are now ready to start painting.


There are many paint options which already have a primer added to the paint itself, however there are still certain situations which are best served by having a base coat of primer applied prior to painting to achieve the professional quality you are looking for.

Exterior Painting


Just as you would with the interior of your home, you will want to ensure the exterior of your home has been properly prepared prior to applying the new coat of paint. You will also want to be sure the weather conditions are appropriate for the duration of your exterior house painting project.

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